In the Open DaaS (Open Data as a Service) project, open data and digitalization utilizing collective operating model is being created.

Utilization of open data has many hidden business possibilities. Services created with open operating models can be the next success story of Finland. The utilization of open data in the company level operations is however still in the beginning phase.

At the moment, most of the information is hidden in different offices and companies, and SMEs do not have the opportunities to utilize new and challenging themes. The companies use their time for seeking information, reading metadata and adapting information received from different sources. Strict structures must be reformed to network-like and flexible operating models.

The project is being executed with five work packages which each have one responsible university. The structure is similar in the work packages. However, they are being executed in different areas and they also have distinct themes.

The project started in September 2017 and will continue until August 2019.

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk).

Open Daas presentation