Pre-assignment and learning diary


Search typical cyber threats from the internet or using other sources. Consider the danger and the likelihood of these threats and vulnerabilities. Also, clarify what is open data and what kind of data is openly available for improving cyber security. Make a list of interesting data that you think would be applicable for improving cyber security. The information may also be in the form of images, mind-maps or tables. Write a short report about these considerations. The length of the assignment is about 2–3 pages. Return it to Moodle latest by October 31, 2018.

Learning diary

The main purpose of the learning diary is to provide a more accurate assessment and follow-up of self-learning experiences. The format of the learning diary is free, so the student can influence the content. It may contain pictures, illustrations, mind-maps, or other material. You can also introduce your cyber security solution if you also analyze what you learnt when designing it. A learning diary is a personal assignment. Its length is 3–4 pages. Return the learning diary to Moodle latest by December 2, 2018.

The template below is for students who are not already familiar with a learning diary and who need an example of its contents.

In the very beginning of your learning diary write for example:

  • What do I want to learn?
  • How do I want to learn?
  • Why do I want to learn?

After this analyze and discuss:

  • How did you apply your pre-assignment?
  • How did you utilize open data?
  • How easy / difficult was it to combine open data and cyber security?
  • What I learned?
  • What was the most interesting and why?
  • Which tasks were difficult?
  • How would I develop my work?
  • What do I want to learn next?
  • What is still unclear?
  • What kind of ideas did the Cyber Security Hack wake up?

More information about learning diary

Learning and lecture diary. University of Jyväskylä. Available at: [retrieved June 12, 2018].