Consumer Big Data Hack


Supporting the development of local businesses with consumer-centric big data

The Consumer Big Data Hack focuses on the development of businesses by utilising consumer-centric and environmental big data. More specifically, we are interested in what are the main attributes directing the movement of individuals in urban environments. From the business standpoint, we are investigating the phenomena within the early stages of sales funnels.

Apply now: REGISTER HERE! Registration deadline  31.3.



Briefing session: Monday 1.4. at doop Oy (Kauppiaskatu 5, 20100 Turku)

Workshop: A two-day camp, where you can develop your ideas with mentors. Date and location to be announced.

After the workshop, you will have about two weeks to independently develop your ideas.

Final event: At the end of April / beginning of May.



  • IT and marketing recruitment opportunities for the best performing participants
  • Sponsored thesis ideas and mentoring
  • Participation certificate worth 3 ECTS



Datasets from our collaborators:

  • Concrete consumer behaviour data. For example, pass-through data from Beacon-solutions is available throughout the hackathon.

There are also lots of datasets available online:

  • Open data from different cities (, traffic information (Trafi), different kinds of location data (mm.,, Helsinki Region Infoshare), data about weather conditions (FMI, Copernicus).




BalticSatApps (UTU)






Contact information:

Mikko Vermanen
Turku School of Economics
+358 40 146 0638